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Phone unlocking procedure:

1. Please add this item to your cart.

2. When reaching the “comments” section of the checkout, please enter in:

A) Your make and model of the phone you would like unlocked.

B) The service provider you are currently using (AT&T, Cingular, etc)

C) The IMEI number of the phone. This 15 digit number can be retrieved by pressing *#06# on your phone OR by looking at the back of the phone behind the battery.

3. We will send you the unlock code within the same day or at latest the next business day.

4. Unlock your phone and enjoy!

Why unlock your cell phone?

1. Unlocking your cell phone enables it to be used with any compatible SIM card on any GSM network

2. You can save money by using a prepaid SIM card while traveling abroad.

3. Use 2 SIM cards on the same phone, sharing the same phonebook.

4. The resale value of your phone increases because a client of a different service provider can purchase your phone and use it. 

What you are purchasing:

You are buying an unlock code for one cell phone locked to a GSM network.

How remote unlock by IMEI works:

IMEI unlocking is the simplest way to unlock your phone. The IMEI number is a unique 15-digit identification number for your phone, which is displayed when you press *#06# on your phone's keypad. The IMEI is also printed on the back of your phone, usually underneath the battery. Once you submit your IMEI to us, we will retrieve the unlock code for your phone via a remote database and we will email your code to you the same day or the very next day. Once your phone has been unlocked, you will never need to enter the code again. 

Unlocking your phone:
  • Is 100% LEGAL.
  • Will not harm your phone in any way.
  • Will not void your warranty. 


We guarantee that the unlock code will work. If for any reason we cannot generate a code for you, we will send you a full refund guaranteed. 


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